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from the market / september 15

i’ve definitely missed doing these ‘from the market’ posts over the last couple months and am glad that we’re settled into our new place while there’s still a few weeks left of the farmer’s market. sunday morning we braved the rainy weather and were happy to find both end of summer and beginning of fall favorites at the farmer’s market. i definitely can’t complain during a time where there’s still tomatoes and peaches, but winter squashes and sweet potatoes are starting to make an appearance too.

here’s what we picked up this week:
-sweet potatoes
-concord grapes
-chocolate and peach tomatoes
-red and yellow bell peppers
-spaghetti squash
-(not pictured) non-GMO sweet corn

hope you’re starting to enjoy fall wherever you live, too. oh, and if you’re in the market for a good sweet potato recipe, we are big fans of this sweet potato bowl for work lunches.

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from the market / july 7

i’m sure some of you out there are probably pretty sick of seeing what we get at the farmer’s market every week, but i’ve gotta say that these are some of my favorite posts to write and even more so, take photographs for. i’ve always loved farmer’s markets, but being in omaha, they’re even more special to me because we only get fresh produce here for a few months of the year, and we get very different things in the spring versus the summer versus the fall. i know a lot of you who read our blog are midwesterns, so none of this is news to you, but growing up in california and then living in arizona, you can pretty much get any fruit and vegetable you want year-round, AND have it be relatively local. while that was wonderful in its own way, i’ve really come to respect and love the true seasonality of eating produce here. i like seeing how the offerings change from week to week. it’s always exciting when i’m walking by all the stands, seeing most of the same things from the previous week, and then all of a sudden, green beans! those are new!¬†

i hope you’re making the most of whatever’s in season where you live, and thanks for humoring me on these slightly cheesy weekly posts. here’s what we came home with this week:

  • big bunch of carrots
  • 1 seriously giant kohlrabi (last time we sauteed in a stir-fry, but this week we’re going to try “grilling” big rounds of it in our cast iron grill pan)
  • head of broccoli
  • pale yellow zucchini (never seen this particular variety/color before)
  • bulb onions (aren’t they the prettiest purple?)
  • wax beans (like green beans, just yellow)
  • (not pictured) pizza crusts from the greek bakery

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from the market (and garden) / june 30

we didn’t get a whole lot from the farmer’s market this week…we’re still transitioning into our new apartment, and the kitchen is still in a little bit of a disarray, so we’re starting back up slowly. i made sure to pick up tomatoes and cucumbers this week so that we could make these¬†sandwiches for lunches this week. the broccoli will be going in this recipe for broccoli-almond pesto with rice noodles. and the carrots and fingerling potatoes…not sure yet, but will probably just be roasted or put into a hash some night this week when we can’t decide what to make.the community garden we belong to has a few community plots that garden members can harvest from, which we think is pretty awesome. we swung by this weekend to harvest some rainbow chard and couple different kinds of kales. i was feeling a little sad that we didn’t decide to plant kale in our own garden, but i think the community plots will have enough for us all summer. and, the chard and spinach from our own plot are going to be ready for harvest soon, which i’m pretty stoked about!

what did you all find at your markets this weekend? what are you making this week?

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from the market / june 16

after a couple of weekends away from home we were definitely missing our sunday morning farmer’s market ritual. it was a pleasant surprise to come back to so much more variety than a few weeks ago…i think summer is finally here to stay, so we are finally seeing lots of late spring/early summer produce here like greens, broccoli, carrots, etc. it’s making me excited for our own little garden to start producing (still need to write a post about that…)

here’s what we got this week:
-2 heads of broccoli (with their leaves still on!)
-a bunch of easter egg radishes
-green garlic and green onions
-yellow tomatoes
-red new potatoes
-snap peas
-a giant yellow zucchini

i’ve always been intrigued by kohlrabi, but we’ve never tried it, so when when saw it for pretty cheap at several of the vendors this week, we thought we would give it a shot this week. i think we’ll try it in a stir-fry with broccoli, greens, green onions and some kind of asian sauce over ramen. i’ve heard it’s good roasted, too. if anyone has any good recipes, please share!

i also got fresh peonies for the first time ever at the market this week. they are such a gorgeous flower, but are always kind of hard to find or cost prohibitive. one vendor this week had 20 stems for $10, so we obviously snatched some up! they are making our apartment look (and smell) so pretty :) i’m definitely in flower heaven over here.

what’s everyone making for dinners this week? find anything fun at your local market?

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from the market / may 26

this past sunday we only got three things at the market: a bag of mixed red/yellow tomatoes (quickly become a market staple for us), a beautiful little bundle of swiss chard – which was among the first greens i’ve seen yet this year, and a bunch of the most colorful easter egg radishes. we’re going to california this coming weekend, so we kept our grocery and market shopping light and got only what we knew we could eat and meal plan with this week.

k snapped a few photos at the market this week, so i thought i’d share those here, too. it was kind of nice to not have to worry about carrying around a bunch of stuff so we could spend more time just enjoying the ambiance and taking pictures. afterwards we went for a nice walk along the keystone trail and even did a little bit of geocaching.

p.s. we made this tomato and goat cheese tart for lunches this week with the tomatoes we bought!

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