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shop update: new coffee prints available!

happy wednesday, friends! i’m excited to report that as of today, i’m offering four new prints in my etsy shop, all inspired by my favorite morning drink. i wanted to create a series showcasing all the different ways that people make their coffee, and the first four i created are: the chemex, the aeropress, the french press, and the espresso machine. i’m hoping to continue adding to this collection as i have more time and learn about different coffee brewing methods.

all prints are 8x10s, but can also be ordered as a square 8×8 print (my personal favorite, but a little harder to find frames of this size). each print is $12.00 + shipping.

i hope you enjoy these new prints and consider purchasing one to hang up in your kitchen where you make your morning coffee. if you’re not a coffee-drinker, i don’t understand you, these would make a great gift for your coffee-loving friends.

links to prints: chemex / aeropress / french press / espresso machine 


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introducing the hk in love design shop!

it’s finally here! if you read my post a couple weeks ago you might have noticed that we said we’d be launching an etsy shop soon, and we’re happy to announce that today’s the day. you can find us at:


the hk in love design shop came about from an illustration i made for an online class i took a couple months ago through nicole’s classes (highly recommend them if you’re interested, btw). i got some good feedback from the instructor and it was all i needed to inspire me to create a series of illustrations that would eventually become the first items we’d put in our shop. the shop consists of several 8×10 prints that have small, purposefully imperfect illustrations juxtaposed with short quotes or sayings. those that i’ve designed thus far are all food + drink related, and i think they’d look great hung in your kitchen, but if things go well, i envision growing this shop to include illustrations from other categories, too. i have a few ideas around song lyrics for prints, and i also hope to (eventually) offer some blog design elements (logos, headers, image map sidebars, social media buttons, etc.) for those of you out there who want to add more personality and customization to your blogs.

anyways, all that said, not sure what this will become. more than anything else, this endeavor has been a personal journey of getting myself out there and doing something during this weird and difficult (blessed?) transition time in my life.

without further adieu, below is what you’ll find in the shop. make sure to check out the etsy site to view the prints in larger size and for additional options!

let them eat cake, marie antoinette print, available in pink or blue

left: i measure my life in coffee spoons, t.s. eliot print
right: eat food not too much mostly plants, michael pollan print

left: gin + tonic print
right: beer is proof god loves us, benjamin franklin

people who love to eat, julia child print
available in pink, yellow, green, or blue

hope you enjoy our prints, and thanks for embarking on this next little adventure with us! happy monday!

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