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happy weekend / currently

a few snapshots of life, lately…

01 / the giant bags of grapefruit and oranges that we got from costco last week that we’re making fresh squeezed juices with are helping to cure me of my california citrus homesickness this time of year.

02 / i’ve been slowly stocking up on a few essentials for our trip to san francisco in a couple of months – so far, a supersoft striped (of course) scarf and a light rain jacket.

03 / very excited to start seeing some summer seasonal beers hit the shelves. shiner ruby redbird is a perennial favorite.


04 / loving the cookbook from the white on rice couple that ashly sent to us last week. we’ve already made the smashed cauliflower sandwiches and their foolproof pizza dough recipe!

05 / that’s our basement floor! we made a ton of progress last week thanks to k’s mom, and we’re looooving how it looks so far. it’s exciting to see this space finally come together.

06 / our next half marathon (lincoln) is less than a month away, so we’ve been ramping up our training this past week with track workouts full of sprints and stairs. hoping for good weather for our 10-11 mile run this weekend!

happy friday! hope you all have something fun planned for your weekend. we’ll hopefully be finishing up our flooring and if it’s nice outside, i hope to squeeze in some weeding and garden prep. have a great weekend, everyone!

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happy weekend / currently


eating / the past couple weeks we’ve made big batches of these falafel patties (recipe via a couple cooks) and these black bean burgers and have been having them in our lunches. i love recipes like this that you can make in bulk – we even made extras and put some in the freezer. we’ve been having these with whole wheat pita pockets, mixed salad greens, and plain greek yogurt or creamy goat cheese, but the possibilities really are endless.

searching / i’m in a love/hate relationship with finding the perfect throw pillows for our sectional that will go back to the basement once our remodel is complete. i’ve been scouring society6 for options and have been pinning a few that are in the running, but let’s be honest, this one is my absolute favorite and is absolutely happening.

misc. links to things i’ve recently enjoyed….

my birthday is 4.5 months away, but i already know that i want to have a grilled cheese party just like this one. all the cheeses. all the breads. yes.

the airport-inspired shirts and art from pilot & captain are so awesome. i especially love the european airport tag print.

these nutella brownies only have 4 ingredients and look super easy and super delicious. #itshappening

a cool DIY lighting idea (that you could probably do even cheaper). i think edison bulbs would go really well in our basement, so we might do this for over the bar area!

what’s everyone up to this weekend? temps here are supposed to be in the single digits with negative windchills, so i think we’ll mostly be staying inside and trying to stay warm – i think a big pot of soup and some red wine are in order. we’re also hoping to do the last big project to finish our basement this weekend – installing the flooring! we finally got around to painting last weekend, and although i know there is lots of controversy around painting paneling, i am so happy that we chose to do it. it’s SO much brighter and happier down there. anyways, hopefully we’ll have a (re)finished basement to show pictures of after this weekend. have a great weekend, everyone!

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happy weekend / currently.

reading / best food writing 2013 by holly hughes, which was k’s christmas gift to me in the “something to entertain” category.

enjoying / all of our new ikea items throughout the house! if you follow me on instagram, you probably saw our open shelving in the kitchen, but we also got wall lamps and shelves for our bedroom and a table top desk that seats two for our office! more on those projects soon.

eating / chia pudding for all of the breakfasts. i’m not sure why it took us so long to get on the chia seed train, but i’m glad to be there now. to make your own, mix about 2 tbsps. chia seeds with 2/3 cup almond (or other) milk and a bit of honey, shake, refrigerate for about an hour, shake (or stir…depending on thickness), and then leave in the fridge overnight. we make ours in 1/2 pint mason jars and eat them with sliced banana or pomegranate arils.

a few links to posts, etc. that i’ve enjoyed lately…

even though it’s already mid-january (when did that happen?), it’s not too late for a great calendar! here are 14 free, printable, well-designed ones.

if you need more chia-seeds-for-breakfast inspiration, this mango & strawberry chia pudding would make a great dinner party dessert, and putting chia seeds in overnight oatmeal looks delicious, too.

anna watson carl’s the yellow table has been one of my favorite food blogs for awhile now. i loved her recent post on the 80/20 rule for eating healthy (which includes lots of great meal + snack ideas).

the history of fika, the swedish coffee break, from food52.

and just for fun, the cutest red shoes that i’m totally lusting after.

what are you up to this weekend? i know i’m falling into the midwestern trap of always talking about the weather, but it’s going to be 55 degrees on sunday!!! although we certainly have a lot of tasks on our home to-do list right now, i’m not sure i’ll be able to coop myself up inside during that kind of weather…in january. we’re planning to do this 10k run on saturday morning, (finally…no, really this time) finish scraping up tile in the basement, but other than that, you can find us out in the backyard with beers planning our spring garden :) happy weekend, friends!

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happy weekend / currently.

reading / an everlasting meal: cooking with economy and grace by tamar adler. i’m not sure how to describe this book other than it’s totally different than anything i’ve ever read about food and cooking, in the most unassuming and fantastic way.

{can’t believe i haven’t been} making / these two-ingredient pumpkin muffins. we made them a bajillion times during fall the last two years but just haven’t gotten around to it yet this year. going to remedy that this weekend, i think!

watching / sadly, not much. we’re in the market for a new series that we can binge-watch on netflix or hulu. any suggestions?

a few fun links from around the web…

food52’s recipe for pasta with yogurt and caramelized onions makes me want to go whip up a giant batch of caramelized onions to always have on hand. just, yum.

this post on reclaiming the morning from anna at the yellow table. around here, we try hard to minimize that “rushed” feeling on weekday mornings by getting up a few minutes earlier and making time for a cup of coffee on the couch together before leaving for work.

an npr interview with los angeles food truck mogul roy choi. love his description of how cleaning rice is really about cleansing your soul. his story is definitely inspiring and i’d love to read his new book.

love the open shelving in this kitchen tour and totally lusting after that “vintage” refrigerator!


a couple of awesome desktop backgrounds from designlovefest. i have the “dreamers of dreams” one on our desktop at home…so pretty!

we are taking a break from our basement renovation turned project-from-hell (more on that later) for a quick trip down to st. louis this weekend. our friend, kai, is having his annual home-brewing event, and we’re excited to visit with him and meet his girlfriend, try his beers, and hopefully check out some st. louis coffee shops. and mayyyyybe a trip to the container store and/or west elm, if i play my cards right. :) have a great weekend, everyone!


icons via the noun project:  cararch | beer
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happy weekend / currently


reading / the healthy + whole series on one of my favorite food blogs, a couple cooks. i love how they tackle and offer solutions the different barriers to healthy eating. and their most recent post in the series, all things in moderation, describes our personal eating philosophy to a tee.

home improving / we are gearing up for our first big remodel: the basement! in case you didn’t know / haven’t had the pleasure displeasure of seeing it with your own eyes, it’s straight out of the 1950s, complete with knotty pine wood paneling on the walls. contrary to my other half’s belief, we actually don’t live in a log cabin, so the knotty pine must go! or…be painted. this weekend we’ll hopefully pick out a paint color and read up on the how-to’s, and next weekend, the painting will commence! (dan…if you’re reading this, i’m sorry, but you knew it wouldn’t last forever).

awaiting / the arrival of our first shipment of coffee from verve coffee roasters in santa cruz, california. we’ve been toying with the idea of a coffee subscription plan for awhile, and finally went for it! we’ll be receiving a 16 oz. bag every two weeks for the next 3 mos. of their single-origin coffees. our first one comes today, and cappuccinos are definitely on the weekend agenda.

a few fun links from around the web…

a fun DIY for your weekend: chalkboard to-do lists. these would be perfect for menus at a dinner party or love notes, too.

loving this post from be up & doing on  simplifying your wardrobe, and this post from the fresh exchange on building a closet full of neutrals that is easily mix-and-matchable and works throughout the seasons.

does anyone want to come over so i can serve you a tiny salad in a glass just like this? le dying.

modern farmer is k’s new favorite website / magazine.  yesterday, he asked me if we could get a backyard cow.

sorrynotsorry, but i’m already always thinking about holiday meals. i’m thinking that this cranberry & rosemary white sangria is a must this year.

it’s supposed to “warm up” this weekend, so i’m looking forward to not spending the entire weekend inside shivering and playing should i or shouldn’t i with the furnace.  this weekend we’re running a costumed 5k with some people from my work, hitting up a salvage yard in hopes of hairpin legs for a desk, and maybe, finally, hanging up some frames in the living and dining rooms. have a great weekend, everyone!

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