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memorial day weekend

this is so belated, but it’s been such a wonderful summer (which is why I’m behind), and I want to make sure to document all of our adventures! back around memorial day, we had just bought a bunch of new camping equipment for our june trip to colorado, and were hoping to test it out. we waited a bit too long to book something, though, and most of the nearby state recreation areas were full. we contemplated a walk-up site, but then there was rain in the forecast, and we had second thoughts, so decided to stay home. of course, after all that, it ended up being perfect weather and we were bummed we’d missed out on the camping opportunity…so we decided to post up in our own backyard!

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cheesy, yes, but it was actually a great, low-stress way to practice putting up our tent, trying out our sleeping bags, and figuring out what other gear we might still need. this was actually my first time ever camping in a tent, so i appreciated being close to home in case we got too hot/cold/out of drinks.

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we spent most of the evening poring over colorado maps planning out a few hikes and places we wanted to see during our winter park trip. and of course, drank some beer – i was super happy to find evil twin’s ‘ryan & the gosling’ at our local bottle shop (beertopia); aside from having the best beer name ever, it was also very good.

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other than that, we just spent some time reading and talking and generally enjoying life under the twinkly lights. i’m sure we must have looked totally ridiculous to our neighbors, but it was such a fun experience and i’m so glad we did it!

the next morning (sunday), we woke up to another beautiful day and wanted to do something outside. at this point, we were on a little break from a running plan before starting marathon training, so decided to go for a bike ride. i mapped out a ride that was about 17 miles – across the south omaha bridge, along the trails in iowa for a bit, then back over to omaha on the pedestrian bridge, and home.

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once we got going, though, we were loving being on the iowa trails and started seeing signs for a few other destinations on the trail, so we decided to keep going. our first stop was big lake park in crescent, just a few miles north past the pedestrian bridge turnoff. the lake is small, but really pretty!

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on our way to big lake park, we started to see signs for the lewis & clark monument and park – we’d heard of it before, knew it existed, but wasn’t sure exactly where it was or how to get there. it was just a few more miles past big lake park, so we decided to trudge on and see if we could make it there. the next few miles getting there were beautiful and super scenic, but basically all uphill – our quads were definitely not prepared for that kind of climbing, but we eventually made it! the views were more than worth it – it was a super clear today and we could practically see the whole city from up there. definitely looking forward to riding (or maybe driving…) up there again sometime soon.

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we’d brought a few snacks along for the ride, but were working up quite an appetite at this point, so once we got back over the pedestrian bridge and into downtown, decided to stop at local for a beer and some brunch. we’d gone about 25 miles at this point, and figured that if we went back the long way (back over the bridge and along the trails in iowa), we might be able to get close to 40 miles for the day.

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we did it, but those last few miles up L street were kind of a strugglefest. all in all, it was a great three-day weekend…and i’m already dreaming of cooler weather so we can camp in the backyard and go for long bike rides again!

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second sundays

A couple Sundays ago we decided to ride our bikes a few miles down the street for the inaugural Blackstone Second Sundays. What I love about getting our long runs in (95% of the time) on Saturdays, as well as most of our errands done, is that Sunday truly does get to be a fun-day. Blackstone is a district about 2 miles from our house that’s being revitalized and is home to some of our favorite hangs, so when we heard they’d all be opening up on a Sunday afternoon with specials and tours, we were in.


No respectable Sunday begins without first being properly caffeinated, so our first stop was Archetype Coffee for an espresso (me), pourover (Kevin), and some perfect patio weather. Archetype is our go-to shop for coffee a couple times a week, and is where we almost always buy our beans for at-home, too. Always delicious coffee, great service, good jams on the record player, and a rotating selection of local pastries. (What more is there in life?)


We successfully avoided pastries at Archetype (hey, there’s a first time for everything) because as soon as the clock struck noon, we were biking a few blocks down to the Crescent Moon for beer donuts and breakfast beers. The Moon is a popular Omaha dive bar that also happens to have one of the best craft beer selections in the city and on this particular Sunday, also fresh-made beer donuts. We indulged in both, after which we were pretty hungry for real food that wasn’t sugar or caffeine or alcohol.


Our original plan was pizza for lunch, at a brand new by-the-slice place called Noli’s, but alas – despite the fact that we’d actually read about the Second Sundays event on their website – they weren’t open. We adapted and overcame and ended up at Corkscrew, a wine and cheese place just a block down, which is also fairly new and we hadn’t been to yet. They had – obviously – tons of wines, but impressively a good beer selection as well, but we went straight for the food – a cheese plate, in fact, that was really really good.


We purposely skipped drinking at Corkscrew so we could make our final stop at our home away from home, Scriptown Brewery. If you follow us on instagram, you already know that we’re basically always here – it’s on our way home from my bus stop, so it’s too easy not to go. For Second Sunday, they were offering free tours, so we got to hear a little bit about how the brewery got started and what’s coming down the pipeline.


All around, a Sunday funday well spent. Looking forward to more of these this summer in our new favorite neighborhood.

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from the market / may 18

this time around we decided to go to the downtown’s farmer’s market on saturday instead of our usual sunday trip to aksarben. saturday morning blessed us with pretty much perfect weather so we figured a bike ride down to the market was in order. after this weekend, i think we might be downtown market converts. it’s only about a mile away so it’s a pretty easy bike ride, with the exception that all of our veggies didn’t really fit in my bike basket. if we decide to keep riding down on saturdays, i’m thinking about investing in a flat bed bike basket like this one so we can fit more stuff and bungee it down!

although summer produce is undoubtedly my favorite, i’m kind of enjoying the products of a late start to growing season because we’re getting to enjoy lots of spring stuff for longer than usual. nebraska seems to kind of skip out on spring weather and jump from winter to summer so this year has been kind of a nice change. i was telling k that i don’t remember seeing much asparagus or rhubarb at the markets last year around this time, but this year, it’s everywhere!

here’s what we got from the market this week:
-more GIANT green onions!
-bunch of asparagus
-red radishes
-2 heads of lettuce: 1 green leaf (not pictured) and the head in the photo above (anyone know what kind?)
-cherry tomatoes
-yellow-orange tomatoes
-greek flatbreads
-bouquet of lilacs!

p.s. we also planted a garden this past weekend! if tonight’s rain/hail/tornadoes don’t kill or freeze all of our starter plants, i’ll post photos later this week! :)

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