san francisco.

sb011the three days we spent in san francisco at the beginning of our recent trip to california were beyond perfect. perfect weather (80 degrees in SF in june? such a dream), perfect food (we literally did not have a single bad meal there), and of course, perfect company. we had no real agenda other than to eat as much good food and drinks as many good cups of coffee and cocktails as humanly possible. i’m happy to report: mission accomplished. in short, it was the perfect place to spend a few days adventuring together on a super-belated honeymoon right before our three year anniversary (today!). a few photos from the trips below, and a full post of food + drink recs to come shortly!


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2 Responses to san francisco.

  1. Ruth says:

    seriously, your pics look beautiful!!! can we travel with you next time? ;)

  2. Hollyanne says:

    that would be the best! someday!

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