from the market (and garden) / june 30

we didn’t get a whole lot from the farmer’s market this week…we’re still transitioning into our new apartment, and the kitchen is still in a little bit of a disarray, so we’re starting back up slowly. i made sure to pick up tomatoes and cucumbers this week so that we could make these¬†sandwiches for lunches this week. the broccoli will be going in this recipe for broccoli-almond pesto with rice noodles. and the carrots and fingerling potatoes…not sure yet, but will probably just be roasted or put into a hash some night this week when we can’t decide what to make.the community garden we belong to has a few community plots that garden members can harvest from, which we think is pretty awesome. we swung by this weekend to harvest some rainbow chard and couple different kinds of kales. i was feeling a little sad that we didn’t decide to plant kale in our own garden, but i think the community plots will have enough for us all summer. and, the chard and spinach from our own plot are going to be ready for harvest soon, which i’m pretty stoked about!

what did you all find at your markets this weekend? what are you making this week?

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