from the market / june 16

after a couple of weekends away from home we were definitely missing our sunday morning farmer’s market ritual. it was a pleasant surprise to come back to so much more variety than a few weeks ago…i think summer is finally here to stay, so we are finally seeing lots of late spring/early summer produce here like greens, broccoli, carrots, etc. it’s making me excited for our own little garden to start producing (still need to write a post about that…)

here’s what we got this week:
-2 heads of broccoli (with their leaves still on!)
-a bunch of easter egg radishes
-green garlic and green onions
-yellow tomatoes
-red new potatoes
-snap peas
-a giant yellow zucchini

i’ve always been intrigued by kohlrabi, but we’ve never tried it, so when when saw it for pretty cheap at several of the vendors this week, we thought we would give it a shot this week. i think we’ll try it in a stir-fry with broccoli, greens, green onions and some kind of asian sauce over ramen. i’ve heard it’s good roasted, too. if anyone has any good recipes, please share!

i also got fresh peonies for the first time ever at the market this week. they are such a gorgeous flower, but are always kind of hard to find or cost prohibitive. one vendor this week had 20 stems for $10, so we obviously snatched some up! they are making our apartment look (and smell) so pretty :) i’m definitely in flower heaven over here.

what’s everyone making for dinners this week? find anything fun at your local market?

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