the coffeehouse series: cafe voce / shanghai

I’m so happy to finally be kicking off the coffeehouse series that I wrote about awhile back, and even more happy that the first post in the series comes from my bff Ruth & her husband David. R & D are currently living in Shanghai, China, where Ruth is teaching and pursuing her Master’s degree. Ruth and I have bonded over many a coffee date throughout our friendship, and even though this year we’ve been especially far apart, the next best thing is following along with her and Dave’s adventures via her beautifully-written blog, no.17, ¬†and of course, instagram. Here, Ruth shares about a favorite neighborhood spot in the Former French Concession, Cafe Voce…

How did you first discover the shop?
One of the first things that Dave and I did when we moved into our studio in the Former French Concession was take a walk around the area. This was the first coffee shop that we walked past, and we decided to go there the next day for brunch. We sat in front of the window and people-watched, and from that vantage-point, it felt like we weren’t really in China.

What’s your favorite drink to order there?

Voce has a toasted almond latte on their drink menu, and that’s what I’ve ordered since the first time I went there. I’m obsessed with all things almond, and that latte has just the right amount of extra flavor and sweetness. They have a weekday afternoon tea special (as many places in Shanghai do), and my favorite combination is the almond latte with mini lemon mousse tarts – perfect for a midweek pick-me-up.

Can you share something unique or special about the shop?

The first time (out of many, as we later discovered) that our power and internet went out, I had a paper due. It was past 8pm, and I still needed wi-fi. I threw my laptop in my backpack, and Dave and I rushed over to Voce, hoping that there were still open and that they had internet. I was so relieved to find out that Voce stays open until 11 pm on most days and had free wi-fi. I submitted my paper and then we chatted on Skype with my parents. Since then, Voce has been our go-to hangout when we need someplace nearby to work.

Many thanks to Ruth & David for sharing one of their favorite Shanghai spots. If you’re interested in guest posting about a favorite coffee (or tea) spot in your own city, please get in touch:

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  1. Napagal says:

    Love the new series!!! :)

  2. Ruth says:

    Yay, so much fun! thanks, lovey!

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