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eating // you guys already know how we feel about tacos around here, but this week i had a eureka moment and decided we NEEDED some masa flour and a tortilla press. a few hours later we had our very first batch of homemade corn tortillas, and i can confidently say we’re never going back to store-bought. tutorial & recipe coming soon!

learning // we took a short little online course about imovie for bloggers last night, and we’re excited to hopefully start incorporating more video into our blog. we’re hoping to update to a dslr camera that has video sometime soon, but for now, we’ll be giving it our best shot via iphone!

listening // this week was “coffee week” on npr; if you have some time this weekend, some of these segments are worth a listen. i really liked “journey of a specialty coffee bean, from cherry to cup.”

a few fun links…

some yummy recipes for a cinco de mayo party, featuring mangos (which are on sale for $1/each at whole foods right now!)

loved this serious eats interview with chris bianco, chef and owner of the famous pizzeria bianco in phoenix. his quest for simplicity in his food without sacrificing quality is seriously inspiring. feeling a little bummed that we never made it here during our time in arizona!

how bing is working with bloggers & other creatives to make image sourcing & pinning much simpler. i have to admit, i’m a total google and chrome addict, but this idea makes so much sense. just might have to make the switch.

locally grown clothing company makes the cutest state t-shirts. i’m not so secretly obsessing over the california one!

this shop has the coolest storage options for your bike and keys.

do you all have any fun plans for the weekend? we just scored some free baseball tickets to the creighton/nebraska game tonight, and it’s a perfect night to be outside, so i’m looking forward to that and happy hour beforehand.  we’re also going to finish up a DIY bar stool project we’ve been working on, but other than that, i’m just looking forward to some perfect 75 degree sunshine – it’s about time! have a lovely weekend, everyone!

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