food bloggers against hunger.

today, april 8, 2013, a group called food bloggers against hunger are dedicating their blog posts to raise awareness about the very real issues of food insecurity and hunger in our country. these issues are incredibly near and dear to my heart, and ultimately one of the main reasons that i chose to study public health in graduate school and pursue work and service opportunities in nutrition and health education. i’ve decided to join this group over 200 amazing food bloggers, led by nicole from the giving table, and dedicate a post today to this very worthy cause. 

millions of americans do not have enough to eat each day, and you probably aren’t surprised to hear that it’s not because we don’t have enough food.  unfortunately, it’s because the foods that the government chooses to subsidize are processed foods loaded with fat and sugar and lacking the nutrients we need to stay full and live healthily.

a new documentary, called a place at the table (from the creators of food inc.) follows three americans families struggling with hunger and food insecurity and encourages us to call upon our government to start making sustainable changes to our food system (see trailer below).

here are a few small steps that you can take today to work towards eliminating hunger in your community and in our nation:

  • let your representatives know this issue matters to you by signing the petition or calling
  • watch the film “a place at the table” in a local theater or on demand via itunes or amazon to educate yourself on the issues (omaha folks, it premieres here in early may at filmstreams)
  • contact your local food bank to see if they have any volunteer needs
  • encourage your local farmer’s market(s) to accept SNAP (the new food stamp program) benefits, if they don’t already, in order to increase access to affordable fruits and vegetables
  • say no to processed foods at the grocery store, as best as you can depending on financial circumstance and availability of fresh alternatives
  • consider preparing a simple, inexpensive meal today to approach solidarity with those that often go with less, or without. many of the participating bloggers have  prepared dishes for their posts today that fit this description but are also nutrient-rich and healthy, such as brown rice & black beans with simple spices and a vegetable that’s on sale 

i hope you’ll take some time today to do one or more of these things today, as well as read some of the many other inspiring posts from other bloggers participating in today’s program. thanks for allowing me to share about this very important issue today in this little space. have a wonderful monday!

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