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[image via flores del sol]

reading // the omnivore’s dilemna by michael pollan. we’ve owned this for years and i’ve read snippets here and there, but never cover to cover. it’s certainly a fascinating read, but definitely a little wordy and technical at times so i’m making it through slowly. i’m looking forward to his next book, cooked, that comes out later this month.

watching // fat, sick, and nearly dead, which you’ve probably either heard about or even watched yourself. if not, it’s a film about an australian who comes to the u.s. to do a 60 day juice fast, and in turn inspires many others to do the same in order to lose weight and improve their health. we watched it earlier this week and were totally captivated. i don’t think we’ll be cutting out food for 60 days anytime soon, but we’ve been incorporating more fresh juices into our regular diet over the last couple weeks and have even started to crave vegetable juices! hope to share some of our “recipes” here soon. (oh, and if you’d like to watch the film, it’s free on hulu and streaming on netflix).

a few posts & ideas from around the web:

would you spend one day out of the week without any technology? (yes, including your phone). this couple is practicing “unplugged sundays” and i’m inspired to give it a try, too.

a gorgeous studio city home makeover by emily henderson.

spring means asparagus season! a recipe for simple blackened asparagus here and a green onion & blue cheese frittata here

mad men returns this weekend! a fun article about all the drinking you see on the show. whisky at 10am, anyone?

i love having fresh flowers in our apartment whenever possible, but they do get pricey. here are three ways to display flowers on a budget. i love all of these ideas, but i’m especially partial to the dried flower craspedia bouquets from the flores del sol shop (shown in photo above).

do you have any fun weekend plans? it looks like spring is finally here to stay (crossing fingers) in omaha, so i’m looking forward to more time spent outdoors biking, reading, and grilling. we have a couple other DIY projects we’ve been considering, so maybe we’ll take a crack at one this weekend. hopefully we’ll start to see more restaurants opening up their patio seating, too, so we can start enjoying some outdoor dining! have a lovely weekend, friends! xo

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