the coffeehouse series.

for a while now i’ve been thinking about starting some sort of series on this blog that would feature some of our friends and readers. i’ve loved following these types of things on other blogs, like elembee’s across the usa series and the man behind the blog series over at vmac + cheese. so after lots of thinking, i finally decided to take the plunge and start a series about one of our favorite things: coffee. in the coffeehouse series, i’m planning to feature friends and readers from across the country (and world!) talking about and sharing photographs from their favorite places to grab a cup of coffee or tea. i’m hoping for it to be a collaborative celebration of the slower, finer moments in life, as well as a way to feature independent, smaller coffee shops in lots of different places. who knows, maybe it’ll help you discover an awesome place in your own city, or give you somewhere to visit on your next coffeecation. (everyone takes those, right?)

i have a few people lined up so far, but in order to represent more people and more places, i need your help!  if you love coffee (or tea) and have a favorite shop in your city that you’d like to see featured, please email me at so i can send you all the details. all it requires is answering a few quick questions and sending in a few corresponding photos.

thanks in advance for your support on this little project, and can’t wait to see how many cities we can get featured here.  happy coffee-shopping!

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  1. Kai says:

    Coming soon to this blog — Sump Coffee, set the stage with your beard.

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