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chemex print

drinking // okay, so we failed at the ban on coffee items. amazingly badly.  we ended up getting a coffee grinder…..and a kettle.  needless to say, we have been making a ton of coffee.  we are finding that our favorite coffee is the Kenyan from Beansmith.

eating // this week we made the most delicious croquettes.  no kidding, they had the best flavor ever, and they made a ton!  by a ton, i mean, we ate them all in two meals.  they were extremely addictive.  we found the recipe, obviously, on pinterest.

reading // everything we can about coffee roasting.  we have really enjoyed roasting in both our oven and toaster oven (less smoke there).  we would really like to find a copy of roast in stores, but we have not had much lock so far.  it may need to be ordered soon…

a few fun posts from around the web:

have you done your taxes yet?  we worked on ours last week and used the free version of turbotax online.  doing taxes by hand is sooo 1995. e-file for free? yes. please.

we had french press coffee in disposable containers this week from aroma’s in omaha.  they are about the most precious lids we’ve ever come across.  oh, and if you haven’t had french press coffee, you really should!

as you can see by our top picture, we h found these cute coffee prints online.  we love our chemex and use it at least once/day.

so sunday is one of my favorite days of the year.  it’s the super bowl.  now, of course, my chiefs barely missed the playoffs this year, so i will have to settle for really just paying attention to the commercials.  luckily, with the help of technology, i can contribute to all of the commercialism by voting for, tweeting, and faceboking my favorite ads thanks to hulu.

are you doing anything fun this weekend? we are headed back down to Kansas City on  little coffeecation!  we plan on hitting up several specialty coffeehouses and roasteries throughout the weekend and seeing my parents. happy weekend all!


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  1. Lauren says:

    By the Chiefs barely making it, that makes you a ravens fan for the day? I thought so.

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