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reading / grow your handmade business by kari chapin, the book that k got me as one of my christmas gifts. i had my first etsy sale this week (jan 1, actually!) and i’m feeling super inspired to continue improving my design skills and business sense in this new year.

loving / for my 20-something female readers, this list of 21 things to get you through your twenties. i love the idea of focusing on building a closet full of quality staple items versus buying just whatever’s on sale.

missing / my little sister. after over a week together at christmas, it was hard to say goodbye for now. crossing my fingers that she’ll be coming to college in nebraska in 2014!

a few fun links from around the web:

the coolest, most unique gift idea i’ve seen in awhile. this man wants to gift his girlfriend an hour-long conversation with another person who loves food + travel as much as she does. foodies apply here! (and it’s paid)

i might be a little late to the game on this one, but this onion article about mumford & sons is hysterical. too good.

a cute desktop computer calendar for january

a few good posts about the new year and resolutions:
never stop learning from a beautiful mess
intentions for a new year from camille styles
12 memories and 13 goals from going home to roost
let’s do this, 2013! from oh joy!
easy things for a happier year from the jesuit post

what are you all up to this first weekend of january? (can you even believe it’s january?!?!) k’s parents are coming in tonight for the weekend, and we scored free alumni tickets to a creighton basketball game tomorrow! i’m also hoping to put the finishing touches on our new year’s resolutions video this weekend so that we can post it here on monday. have a fantastic weekend, everyone!

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