{recipe of the week} our christmas dinner.

this past christmas, we hosted our very first big holiday meal while my parents and sister were in town. i was admittedly a little nervous about how everything would turn out, considering we don’t have much space and we were down to the wire on making the dining table that you’ll see in these photos. but of course, everything turned out just fine. thanks to my dad and grandpa, the table came together just in time for christmas dinner, and even though it’s a little wobbly and nobody could cut their prime rib without wiggling the entire table, it was pretty neat to eat on a table we had built with our own hands (and lots of curse words).

the menu:

salt encrusted prime rib roast
vegan no-knead baguettes
delicata squash salad with roasted potatoes & pomegranate arils
bread stuffing
roasted brussels sprouts
creamed corn
apple pomegranate galette

i didn’t come up with any of these recipes, but i thought it would be fun to share what we ate for our big meal as well as some photos  of the food and our new table! 

did you and your family try any new dishes for christmas this year? i’m already looking forward to next year’s meal!

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