simple christmas decor + free printable!

one of my close friends from creighton, kitzi, is currently serving as a volunteer in bolivia, and recently contacted me to see if i’d like to join her in a challenge to decorate our homes for christmas utilizing materials that we already owned. since she doesn’t have access to most christmas decorations where she’s living, but still wanted to make her home feel festive, she thought it would be a fun idea to use as many recycled, already owned objects as possible. she asked me to join in, and since we have a pretty small space and try not to acquire too many new items, it made sense to me!

since we live in a glorified dorm room and can’t always make the changes we’d like to, we’re always looking for non-destructive ways to modify our space (i.e. things that minimize nail and screw holes, etc.) i’ve seen before where people use pant hangers as an alternative to frames to hang posters and photos, and after realizing that (a) we had a lot of unused pant hangers, and (b) there are a ton of free christmas poster printables online, the next step seemed obvious!

we have a large wall in our living room, and decided to take down the photos and prints that normally hang there in order to make room for these christmas prints. we opted to go a little crazy and cover the entire wall with prints, but you could hang just a couple. originally i thought we’d just hammer in a nail to hang each one on, but when we tried that, the hanger hung crooked on the wall. it could be the type of hangers we have, or maybe it’s just physics. (i wasn’t very good at physics). anyways, i would recommend using something like double-sided photo mounting strips instead. we’ve had ours up for about a week, and they’ve stayed up no problem.

in case you’re wanting to download a few of these for your own home, here’s where you can find them all:
top row: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5
middle row: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5
bottom row: 12 / 3* /4 / 5

*the “eat drink be merry” print seen in the bottom row was designed by me, and if you’d like, you can download your very own for free, in either red or green! (if you do download it, i’d love to see how you use it to decorate you home for christmas, so please share a photo or instagram if you think of it).

download merrygreen / download merryred

i hope you enjoy the free print, and please share any of your own inexpensive decorating ideas in the comments. i have a few other simple, homemade ideas that we’ve incorporated into our christmas decor this year that i’ll be sharing over the next couple weeks!

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  1. Angela says:

    Great ideas! I’ll be downloading your “eat, drink, be merry” art, too – and not just using it for Christmas :-) Big greetings from England

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