happy weekend // currently

photos: left / right

waiting // k and i both ordered new glasses on wednesday, and they’re coming in sometime next week; we’re going to look so smart nerdy nerdier than before¬†together.

reading // the blue bottle craft of coffee [photo, above right]

planning // to expand and refresh our frame gallery in our living room with updated photos, mementos from the past year, framed labels from our favorite beers, and a wedding paraphernalia shadowbox –> inspiration from young house love.

listening // confession: a little bit of christmas music. i’m rationing myself to a couple songs a day until it’s a more appropriate (i.e., december), but still. i’m a big fan of the indie holidays station on pandora.

a few links from around the web:

a great little message for myself and anyone else having a tough time right now [photo, above left]. see more of the beautiful artwork here.

this video totally put me in the mood for christmas (and a white christmas tree!)

i can’t believe i’ve never thought to make brussels sprouts chips like this! must try this soon.

does anyone have suggestions for a good-looking dslr camera bag that can fit a camera body and 2+ lenses? we’re in love with this one but for the price we might as well buy another camera. sheesh.

what’s everyone up to this weekend? we’ll probably venture to starbucks at some point for a red cup drink (i know it’s a marketing ploy, but don’t peppermint mochas just taste even better in a holiday cup? the answer is a resounding yes), and we’re also thinking of going to a free culinary conference at the downtown library. have a great november weekend, everyone!

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3 Responses to happy weekend // currently

  1. Sally Breining says:

    i had the blue bottle coffee at the sf ferry plaza farmers market – so great! and that particular farmers market is one of the best i’ve ever been to… put it on your bucket list… :)

    • Hollyanne says:

      ooo, thanks for the tip :) I’d love to check it out sometime. I’m always on the lookout for great coffee now that we’ve been spoiled by the Dominican stuff :)

  2. alex g. (formerly s) says:

    Excited to see your wedding shadowbox. I am currently seeking all ideas since ours just happened :)

    J has this camera bag and he loves it…

    Nice for touristy areas, but just for storing it he would have rather had a backpack.Can be a little a little rough on the neck since camera weighs one side down…

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