{date night} cache in on love.

geocaching [jee-oh-kash-ing], noun.
the outdoor sport or game of searching for hidden objects by using GPS coordinates

{it was a great excuse to get some pretty shots of downtown tucson}

{we looked all around for the first cache on our list, to no avail. it was hot, so we moved on}

{i found the second one on our list, a “micro” cache that was magnetic and stuck underneath a parking meter}

{i found the next one too, under another parking meter. people should really be more original with their hiding spots. i’m a little cocky at this point because i’ve found TWO, and k has found ZERO. FTW!}

{we gave up after finding two because it was so hot, as usual. we cooled off with ice cold beers at our new favorite coffee shop downtown, sparkroot}

currently we’re making our own caches out of our test tube wedding favors, and searching for the perfect space to hide it.

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3 Responses to {date night} cache in on love.

  1. Ruth says:

    omg, that’s hilarious. remember when we convinced Mr. Hitchcock to let us do that as our physics project? so good.

    • Hollyanne says:

      haha, of course i remember. pretty sure we just used that as our excuse to shop at target and escape early for chipotle lunches.

  2. Ali says:

    Nice! Geocaching seems to be all the rage here in Boise, too! Do you think it would be worth it for Elliot and I to try?

    Also, fun bar cart! I swear, bar carts are the most versatile pieces of furniture! Love it!

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