meals / week 16

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About as boring and easy as it gets. Hy-Vee pizza (which I think I’ve mentioned before, but is impressively decent) plus some green stuff. Bonus: lunch leftovers the next day.

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I’ve had this recipe pinned on Pinterest for a long time, so when we decided on salmon for this night but didn’t have a plan beyond that, I remembered that I’d seen this and that it looked yummy. After making this, I definitely want to incorporate more one-pot pastas, etc. into the mix because this was really delicious but also so easy. Yes, a bit of prep work to get all the veggies chopped and ingredients ready to go, since you more or less add everything into the pot at once, but otherwise, not a lot of work at all and pretty much foolproof. Really flavorful and could easily be adapted to other flavor profiles, other proteins, etc. (Although I think it’s well-suited to fish due to the short cooking time).

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Yep, this happened, from a box. All I can say is, I saw this article on my way home that afternoon, and it disturbingly still made me want boxed mac & cheese immediately. (We buy the Annie’s white cheddar kind, so we can feel slightly better about ourselves). Five minutes after eating this, still starving and plotting dinner: round deux, I remembered that while delicious, this is not an appropriate, well-rounded adult meal. Lesson learned.

this week: We’ve got something going on practically every night this week – volleyball on Monday, Creighton baseball on Tuesday, a group run on Wednesday, and then we’re heading to Lincoln on Friday afternoon for the half marathon on Sunday. Dinners will be all over the map this week, so we’re focusing on hearty lunches (carb loading!) and lots of healthy snacks this week, and of course, tons and tons of water. Looking forward to having a little more time once this race is over to be better about meal planning and cooking again, so tell me – have you made anything tasty lately that we should try?!

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second sundays

A couple Sundays ago we decided to ride our bikes a few miles down the street for the inaugural Blackstone Second Sundays. What I love about getting our long runs in (95% of the time) on Saturdays, as well as most of our errands done, is that Sunday truly does get to be a fun-day. Blackstone is a district about 2 miles from our house that’s being revitalized and is home to some of our favorite hangs, so when we heard they’d all be opening up on a Sunday afternoon with specials and tours, we were in.


No respectable Sunday begins without first being properly caffeinated, so our first stop was Archetype Coffee for an espresso (me), pourover (Kevin), and some perfect patio weather. Archetype is our go-to shop for coffee a couple times a week, and is where we almost always buy our beans for at-home, too. Always delicious coffee, great service, good jams on the record player, and a rotating selection of local pastries. (What more is there in life?)


We successfully avoided pastries at Archetype (hey, there’s a first time for everything) because as soon as the clock struck noon, we were biking a few blocks down to the Crescent Moon for beer donuts and breakfast beers. The Moon is a popular Omaha dive bar that also happens to have one of the best craft beer selections in the city and on this particular Sunday, also fresh-made beer donuts. We indulged in both, after which we were pretty hungry for real food that wasn’t sugar or caffeine or alcohol.


Our original plan was pizza for lunch, at a brand new by-the-slice place called Noli’s, but alas – despite the fact that we’d actually read about the Second Sundays event on their website – they weren’t open. We adapted and overcame and ended up at Corkscrew, a wine and cheese place just a block down, which is also fairly new and we hadn’t been to yet. They had – obviously – tons of wines, but impressively a good beer selection as well, but we went straight for the food – a cheese plate, in fact, that was really really good.


We purposely skipped drinking at Corkscrew so we could make our final stop at our home away from home, Scriptown Brewery. If you follow us on instagram, you already know that we’re basically always here – it’s on our way home from my bus stop, so it’s too easy not to go. For Second Sunday, they were offering free tours, so we got to hear a little bit about how the brewery got started and what’s coming down the pipeline.


All around, a Sunday funday well spent. Looking forward to more of these this summer in our new favorite neighborhood.

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meals / week 15

Here’s what we cooked last week…

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I mentioned these potstickers last week, and am happy to report that they reheated really well straight from frozen. We have another batch in the freezer yet, and will be happy to have them around for another quick weeknight meal. To make this meal a little heartier, I sautéed up some rice noodles with broccoli and carrots and soy sauce. Quick and easy!

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We finally used up the last of the leftover brisket that we froze way back on Super Bowl weekend. It held it’s flavor really well and went great on these pizzas. After I had all the ingredients on – thinly-sliced brisket, cheese, red onions, greens – I thought that BBQ sauce would make a nice addition, and it did. On night two of these (not pictured), I actually spread BBQ sauce on the naan breads before adding any of the other ingredients, which worked even better. Both nights we had some simple steamed veggies as a side, also.

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You’re probably catching onto that if we cook at all on Thursday nights, it’s something super easy. We picked up brats, buns, and ready-made and seasoned fajita veggies at the store on our way home, and grilled, with some chips, guac, and beer on the side.

this week: We have a crazy couple weeks coming up, with the Lincoln Half Marathon as well as getting our house ready for our very first AirBnb guests (!), so the goal for these next few weeks is to just keep things as simple as possible. No elaborate meals or new recipes planned. Probably a lot of soups and sandwiches for work lunches, and using up what we’ve got in the freezer and cabinet for dinners. Nothing exciting, but that’s life right now!

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sebastians table

Recently some coworkers and I went down to Lincoln for a Friday afternoon lecture, and Kevin and I decided he’d drive down after work that afternoon and we’d make a night out of it – get dinner, stay downtown, and run part of the Lincoln half marathon route in the morning. I haven’t eaten out much in Lincoln, so when a friend recommended Sebastian’s Table we gave the menu a quick look and were sold right away.

The restaurant excelled in ambiance, service, and food. We went on a Friday night around 7, so the restaurant was fairly busy, but the way they had their tables laid out gave each party tons of space. The trend lately seems to be restaurants jam-packing their tables together so this was a welcome change. The food is tapas/shared plates style which is my absolute favorite way to dine – the menu is divided up into bites and big plates and at places like this I always like to get a couple of each. The service was wonderful, too – our waitress explained the concept, gave us a few minutes to pick out a few things, and had that great balance of checking in on us (especially since we ended up ordering our food in several rounds) but also letting us enjoy our meal.

Here’s what we ordered:

gold sangria | marinated manchego | cider poached chorizo | tortilla espanola | hazelnut brussels sprouts | scallops | marshmallow brownie

Everything was really good, but the brussels sprouts (which had come highly recommended) were out-of-this-world amazing. A delicious mix of spicy and sweet and rich and roast-y. (I’m already dreaming about how I can recreate them at home). We were initially bummed that they weren’t serving churros that night, but the brownie with the house-made marshmallow more than made up for it.

If you find yourself in Lincoln and need a good date night spot (or girl’s night out!), we definitely recommend giving Sebastians Table a try! A few photos of the dishes we ordered, below…

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sebastians table
126 n 14th street | lincoln, ne 68508

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