advent calendar!

i remember as kids we always used to get one of those advent calendars filled with chocolates, and it was just the funnest thing. i haven’t had a calendar for a few years now, so i was inspired to find or make one that was a little more grown-up and could be used in years to come. i decided to use an iron-on template from amanda jane jones via oh happy day, and then i ordered these bags from amazon to iron the numbers onto. each bag has been filled with a piece of paper detailing an activity that we will do on that day – christmas-themed, of course (inspiration found here and here. we’ll be posting each week about that week’s activities, so you’ll have to stay tuned. [hopefully i'll have resisted my urge to stuff them all with chocolates before the end of the first week].

how about you all – do you have any advent calendar traditions in your families?

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3 Responses to advent calendar!

  1. Ruth says:

    I almost made those! but we already have advent candles. maybe i’ll make them to bring to china next year :)

  2. We made ornaments with scriptures on them, each one revealing another piece of the Christmas story as told in Luke and Matthew. We read a small part of the story every night. On Christmas Eve we read the entire story from beginning to end.

  3. Melissa Henderson says:

    Super cute Hollyanne! I’m stealing this idea next year :)

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